Motorcycle Detailing

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All Motorcycle Detailing Includes:

Street Bikes, Cruisers, and Harley’s: $180
  • Wash & degrease bike.
  • Remove bugs and tar.
  • Clean, polish & detail the frame.
  • Clean & detail the instrument clusters.
  • Clean, polish & detail the rims & spokes.
  • Clean, polish & wax the fenders.
  • Clean, polish & wax the gas tank.
  • Clean & condition all leather.
  • Clean & polish exhaust pipes.

Most motorcycle details are $180; includes up to two hours of labor or less depending on the condition. Additional labor after two hours is $45 per 30 minutes with client’s approval. Rust, oxidation, neglect, spoke wheels, or heavy use could require more than two hours of labor. All prices are subject to change. Cities on the outskirts of our mobile service may result in additional transportation fees.

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