Ceramic Coating San Diego

Looking for ceramic coating in San Diego? Smith Bros Mobile Detailing offers a variety of ceramic coating options that fit any budget! From versatile and cost-effective ceramic spray sealants to full-fledged liquid ceramic coating options, we have you covered. We use the extremely hydrophobic and long-lasting Technician’s Choice lineup of products to provide you with the best ceramic coating experience.

Ceramic Paint Protection (TEC582)

Starting at $100! Just select the “TEC582 Ceramic Paint Protection” add-on when booking your appointment.

TEC582 Ceramic Detail Spray is one of the easiest ways to get ceramic protection. The product can be used as a standalone, with the Ceramic One Step Polish to aide in removal, or as a Ceramic Coating booster. TEC582 delivers exceptional gloss and slickness to the treated surfaces, along with unparalleled surface protection this can also be used over & over making it a must for express detailing. The product can be used on both wet and dry vehicles. The formula is highly substantive so only a few sprays per panel is needed for adequate coverage. The versatile product can be used on all exterior surfaces, including glass, plastic trim, chrome, moldings, and wheels.